Tattoo Illustration Course

Fall 2019 Tattoo Illustration Course at SUNY Ulster start here. Go Far. Ink Inc. Owner Mike Locasio October 3 - November 14

Winter 2022 Tattoo Illustration Course Course at Cornell Creative Arts

Learn from Professor Locasio

Ink Inc. owner Mike Locasio is sharing 30+ years of tattoo design knowledge as tattoo illustration classes are being offered in Midtown Kingston at Cornell Creative Arts Center.

The course will be taught on Thursday nights, November 10th through December 22nd from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. (no class on Thanksgiving, 11/24).

Cost: $200 for 6 weeks, no materials included

Interested in the illustrative world of tattoo design, thinking of becoming a tattoo artist, or wanting to improve your present skills, this course is for you. Explore the many different genres and styles as well as the perfect layout and placement. Enhance your drawing, design and conceptual ideas. Working with clients and building a strong portfolio will also be covered.


Call Cornell Creative Arts Center at (845) 768-5080, or visit here. Enrollment may be tricky but it is in the "Enrollments" section once you sign up for the site.