Body Piercing

Does Piercing Hurt?

Our professional opinion is: it depends. Some people have a higher tolerance to pain and sensations, and certain body parts with more nerve endings or cartilage can also hurt more.

Working with a trusted professional who can manage your expectations and remaining calm can provide the best results. 

How much does it cost?

At Ink Inc., most piercings cost $45, with the exception of industrial piercings and nipple piercings. The price includes jewelry.

What piercings do you offer?

Traditional and industrial piercings of the ear, nose, nipples & belly button. We do not offer eyebrow, oral or genital piercings. 


I recently got pierced at this location as a walk-in. I asked for an industrial piercing along with an orbital piercing. This was my first experience being pierced anywhere but my regular lobe. Although industrials are often painful, the piercer was friendly and assured me everything would be alright. After my industrial, I got an orbital piercing. Although I did almost pass out right after this one, the piercer was kind and stayed calm. Overall, I had an amazing experience here!


Got 3 ear piercings about 2 weeks ago and had an amazing experience! Jason was amazing and super gentle. I felt comfortable with him and my piercings are healing perfectly, couldn’t have asked for a better experience.


A really chill place with awesome people. They were really nice and being as it was my first helix piercing, they made it a safe and enjoyable experience.


Thank you so much to jay who did my nose piercing! I’ve had my nose pierced twice before(not this place!) with the piercing falling out not even a week in. I think I know what he did differently but it’s still in! So thank you so much again!!


Body Piercing Aftercare

What aftercare is needed after getting a piercing?

  • Have a bottle of Bactine or an antiseptic cleanser handy. It is available online or in most drug stores.
  • Apply the cleanser on the outside of the piercing three times a day for 2-3 weeks after getting your piercing.
  • Avoid playing with your piercing until after it has healed.
  • Be mindful of your piercing when showering, changing your clothes, or engaging in physical activities.
  • Avoid chlorinated water like swimming pools or hot tubs.
  • If swelling does not go down after a week or so, contact Ink Inc.
  • The piercing will be fully healed after 4-6 weeks, after which you can change the jewelry.