Laser Tattoo Removal

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Why laser tattoo removal?

Whether you don’t like how a tattoo came out, want to cover up tattoos for a more professional look, or don’t want to do a tattoo coverup, laser tattoo removal is our recommended best option for you. Our Q-switch Laser technology, in the hands of our experienced and trained professionals, gets great results on a wide variety of inks, depending upon how recent your tattoo is. Request a free consultation at our Kingston, NY location today to find out more!

What can you expect?

Every tattoo is different. You can expect that there will be multiple sessions needed for almost all tattoos. Some of the variables include:

  • Skin pigmentation, scarring or trauma from the tattoo
  • Your age, overall health, and lifestyle
  • Tattoo size and colors
  • If the tattoo has been previously covered up by another tattoo
  • Which body part has the tattoo

How much does tattoo removal cost?

Flat fee pricing consists of $100 $200 $300 & $400 depending on the size & color of the tattoo. Packages available on future sessions can be discussed after the results of first sessions.

How painful is it?

Pain level varies from person to person. Some clients describe it as having their skin snapped with a rubber band. Laser Removal is slightly more intense than getting a tattoo however it takes a fraction of the time. Sessions vary from 1-10min depending on the size of the tattoo. Our technicians have a gentle and encouraging approach and will always work with your needs. 

What do I do before and after a tattoo removal session?

Some general tips for before your first session include:

  • Stay out of the sun
  • Avoid hot tubs and saunas
  • Exercise regularly and eat healthy
  • Stay hydrated, avoid smoking, overindulging in alcohol, or heavy caffeine use
  • Refrain from using any white or pigmented creams or lotions because it will reflect the laser and hinder the effectiveness of your session
  • Use SPF 30+ with 10% zinc content if you’re in the sun for a prolonged period of time

If you’re between sessions:

  • Do not over bandage
  • Keep your treated area out of hot water and take cooler showers for the next week
  • Do not pick or scratch the treatment area, and keep it away from pets and children
  • Do not use astringent soaps or cleaners
  • Take off bandages within 1-3 hours post treatment, rinse daily with a small amount of cool water
  • Ice the area for 20 minute increments to treat swelling, and avoid heat
  • Keep the limb elevated for 24 hours, and do not sleep on it
  • Avoid salt and salty foods
  • Contact your technician with any questions or concerns

Where are the sessions done?

We perform our sessions in a private treatment room and are conveniently located at 327 Wall Street in Kingston, NY.

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Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare

  • In general, keep the treated area clean and dry.
  • To wash the area, clean gently with soap and water then pat dry.
  • Apply a thin coating of Aquaphor up to three times a day, for three days while the area is healing, and keep the area covered with a sterile dressing during this time.
  • Within eight hours of your treatment, blistering will likely occur. It is totally normal; if the blisters pop, keep it covered with a sterile bandage until they heal. Apply antibiotic ointment over the blisters once they pop for at least 24 hours.
  • You may apply cool compresses as necessary for 24 hours after the laser treatment to help reduce comfort and inflammation.
  • Tylenol can help reduce the pain, but avoid Aspirin, as it thins the blood and increases the risk of bruising and bleeding.
  • Do not pick at your scab or scrape the skin, as it may result in infection and scarring. Shaving should also be avoided until healing is complete.
  • You may shower two hours after the treatment, but avoid hitting the treatment area with high-pressure water. Baths, hot tubs, swimming pools, or any form of soaking are not recommended until all blistering and scabbing is completely healed.
  • Exercise is generally safe after treatment, provided you take into account the other aftercare guidelines.
  • For one month after treatment, wear a sunblock with an SPF over 25 over the treatment area. Do not wear makeup or any medication cream on or near the treatment area unless recommended by our shop.
  • Itching is very common; use Aquaphor, Vitamin E ointment, or Hydrocortisone cream on the affected area.
  • Contact us if there are signs of infection like honey-colored crusting, oozing, or spreading redness. Also contact us with any questions or concerns regarding unusual discomfort or bleeding.
  • If you are experiencing an extreme reaction or medical emergency, call 911 or visit a local emergency department.